Birth Time Rectification

(30 mins session + 2 days of calculations)

$ 100/-
What is it?

In different fields of astrology, there are different views and opinions about the time of birth recorded. One of the popular views is to record the time of birth when the child has first cried. There is of course a parallel view that when the child comes out of the womb that should be the recorded time of birth. There is yet another view that when the umbilical cord is cut that should be recorded as the time of birth.

With various techniques including Cuspal interlinked theory, Nakshatra Nadi and advanced KP formulas (ruling planet theory), we deduce the time closest to your real time of birth.

Why do we need it?

The correct time of birth is of paramount importance because with it we deduce the Lagna, Rashi placement, Nakshatra and Nakshatra pada with absolute precision. These are the entities which give us a clear picture of the whole life path as per kundli.

What to expect from us?

What if you do not have your accurate time of birth and only the date of birth and place of birth are known to you? In that scenario with the help of reverse engineering of your life events, we will be calculating back and deducing your actual time of birth. It will require 48-72 hours of calculations and therefore you may expect the result in 3 days.