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About Us

Our Mantra

NodeChakra was formed with a firm belief that anyone & everyone can benefit from sound astrological guidance. It combines the wisdom of ancient Vedic science with a logical and humane approach that is mindful of the contemporary era.

We aim to provide you with a holistic understanding of your life choices and its impacts, while guiding you towards options that work best for you. We believe in doing this without instilling any irrational fear of malefic doshas and without falsely promising any miracles from benefic yogas.

There is NO absolute bad and NO absolute good.
There is only absolute TRUTH which we at NodeChakra are committed to present before YOU.


Years Of
Experiencing human emotions in all its glory

Your Needs

NodeChakra was formed with you as the central element around which everything revolves. What we know of the stars, the planetary movements, the two nodes and other complex mathematical calculations, matter little to you at the end of the day.

What matters to you, is the relationship issue you are struggling with. What matters to you, is clearing the confusion in your mind regarding higher studies or switching jobs. What matters to you, is resolving an urgent business problem. What matters to you is knowing when you could safely invest in property. What matters to you is the good health of your parents. Whatever matters to you, matters to us.

We are here to talk to you- to resolve your doubts when there are too many choices, to suggest the best options when you blank out and to give you courage if you falter. We are here to walk beside you as you undertake this complicated but fascinating journey called life.

Soumitra Jha


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