Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

a) New User Registration- If you are a new user, you may explore the website, however you will not be able to book a session. To book a session with the Astrologer, you need to login. To login you first need to do a one-time New User Registration. The New User Registration option and the Login option are on the same page. Please scroll below for New User registration, if you are using a mobile phone. The new user registration is done once you fill your Full Name, your email ID (which you will use, to login in the future) country code, mobile number (this is the number you will be contacted on, at the time of your session) and set a password of your choice (which you will use, to login in the future). You will receive a welcome email from us, on your email ID after successful registration.

b) Login- You need to enter your registered email ID and the password set by you, to Login. Once you login you will see a button on the top right which says My Profile. You will find the section for Personal details and Partner’s details (optional) under it.

c) Personal Details- - You can fill your personal details by providing the answers to 6 simple questions (all the fields are mandatory)-
i) Your First Name
ii) Your Last Name
iii) Your Date of Birth (DOB)-

Kindly Note:- Users below the age of 18, will not be able to use our site. If parents want to show the kundli of their children (below 18), they can fill up their own details and give the kundli details of their child to the Astrologer, as soon as the session begins or provide it via whatsapp to the NodeChakra Admin Team.

iv) Your Time of Birth (TOB)-

Kindly Note:- Users have to fill their Time of Birth in the 24 hours format. For eg. If you are born at 6:52 AM please select 6 from hours and 52 from minutes. If you are born at 6:52 PM please select 18 from hours and 52 from minutes. Users who do not have their exact time of birth, may fill the nearest time of birth within a few minutes. If you have only a rough idea of the time of birth and want to know your actual time of birth, NodeChakra offers a Birth-Time-Rectification (BTR) service to calculate the exact time of birth, which is mentioned on our home page. In that case you may fill an approximate time of birth.

v) Your gender
vi) Your Place of Birth (POB)-

Kindly Note:- Users have to fill in the district in which you are born, as it is used for all astrological calculations. Please mention the district, state and country.

d) Partner Details- There will be an option to provide your partner’s details with the same questions as mentioned above. This is not mandatory to fill.

You can click on Book Now on the top right, after Login. Once you click Book Now, you will be shown the three types of sessions, that are available at NodeChakra-
a) Selecting a package-
i. Mrigashira Chakra- (15 mins)
ii. Rohini Chakra- (30 mins)
iii. Shatabhisha Chakra- (60 mins)

b) Selecting a slot- There will be various time slots available in 15 mins denominations on our website, for the next 1 week starting from the date you login to the website. Already booked slots will NOT be visible to you. You may choose only from the available slots. The slots will change colour (become yellow) on selection:

i. For Mrigashira Chakra- 1 slot of 15 mins will get selected (Total 15 mins)
ii. For Rohini Chakra- 2 slots of 15 mins will get selected (Total 30 mins)
iii. For Shatabhisha Chakra- 4 slots of 15 mins will get selected (Total 60 mins)
iv. For Birth-Time Rectification (BTR) - 30 mins slot only will be available (followed by 2 days calculation). Book Now for BTR has to be selected from the home-page and not from the Sessions page.
v. For Match-Making- 30 mins slot only will be available (you may give the details of two kundlis only to match with your own kundli, at the time of the session itself)

Kindly Note:- When you click on Book Now after slot selection, if you get a message which says- ‘Please select continuous time slot’, select OK and then please check the timings of your slots again. As sessions are booked dynamically, there may be a time-gap in the slots you have selected. To get a continuous session of 30 mins or 60 mins, please ensure the end time of the first slot and the start time of the next slot are the same.

Once you have made your slot selection and click on Book Now, you will be prompted to the My Profile section where you can click on Pay Now if you have filled up the Personal Details section fully. If you have not yet filled out your Personal Details (where all fields are mandatory, you will be prompted to fill it. Partner Details are optional. After filling out your Personal details, you have to click on Pay Now.

c) Making the Payment- You will be directed to the payment gateway, where you can make the payment by either by scanning the QR Code and paying via Gpay/PayTm etc. or you can make the payment using Net Banking, Wallets or NEFT/Bank Transfer. Your session will be confirmed, once your payment is successful. You will receive an email from us confirming your session. You can also view your past or upcoming sessions under My Profile, in the My Sessions section.

Users outside India- Kindly drop a line to the Admin Team on whatsapp +91-9171819123, to help you with booking a session.

a) Mode of the session- There are no offline sessions. You will be asked to fill-in your mobile number along with your personal details. You will be contacted on the same, at the time of your session. In case you need to be contacted on another number for the session, please reach out to us at or drop us a line at +91-9171819123, to inform us. All sessions for Users in India are conducted via a regular phone call. All sessions for Users outside India are conducted via a whatsapp voice call. The Admin Team will connect the client with the Astrologer at the scheduled time of their session. The User is requested to be mindful of their session timings. The call will immediately get disconnected, after the time of the session ends. NodeChakra will not entertain requests to reconnect back. The Astrologer may already be in the next session.

b) Session format- The sessions are very interactive and conducted in a question-and-answer format. You may ask as many questions as is possible for the Astrologer to answer, during the session time.

c) Follow-up sessions- To consult with the Astrologer again, you will have to book a fresh session from the website.

NodeChakra may it its discretion, run certain offer codes and special discounts for its clientele. We will provide the discount code individually to the client, whenever it is applicable. NodeChakra will not entertain any other requests for discounts. NodeChakra does offer monthly packages for its loyal clientele (> 7 hours per month). Kindly write to us at or drop us a line on +91-9171819123.

a) Forget your password- If you forget your password, you may click on the forgot your password option and enter your registered email ID. You will receive a mail from us on your registered email ID, with a link to reset your password. You can click on that link and set a new password, to use your account once again.
b) Privacy- Your personal data is maintained in a confidential manner. We have taken all possible measures to ensure that your privacy is maintained. For more details, you may go through our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.
c) Delete your account- If you no longer wish to use our Platform or avail of any of its services, you may choose to delete your account permanently on the My Profile page (at the bottom), after you Login. Your data stored on our website will be deleted by us.

Kindly Note: It is our humble request to not ask for the payment to be made after the session. You pay a doctor’s fees in hospitals before he or she has had a chance to see you, believing that the pre-payment is justified. Similarly, we believe Astrology deserves equal respect as it takes years of rigorous study and practise to master. Also, we prefer to not disturb you, after you have had an enlightening conversation. We would rather have you absorb the discussion and focus on what you could do next or what you could do best.