For monthly packages for our loyal clientele (> 7 hours per month), kindly write to us at or drop us a line at +91-9171819123.

Kindly Note: At NodeChakra, all our sessions are pre-paid and you will be prompted to make the payment online, after you choose a convenient session time and duration. Normally for the first time, we recommend taking a 30 mins session.

Mrigashira Chakra
मृगशिरा चक्र
(15 mins)

  • Our shortest package is named after the Mrigashira Nakshatra as it symbolizes those who seek the truth without spending too much time in one direction. For those of you who have a specific query or two but are short on time, we offer you a crisp 15-minute session to give you clear-cut answers.
This session is currently being offered at
$ 25/-

Rohini Chakra
रोहिणी चक्र
(30 mins)

  • This is our most popular and attractive package and therefore it is aptly named after the Rohini Nakshatra which symbolizes beauty. For those of you who need more time, we offer you a meaningful 30-minute session to enable a deeper discussion of your queries and issues.
This session is currently being offered at
$ 45/-

Shatabhisha Chakra
शतभिषा चक्र
(60 mins)

  • This package is for those who want to dig deep as the Shatabhisha Nakshatra symbolises research. For those of you looking for a greater understanding of your life path, choices till date and the immediate future, we offer you an enriching 60-minute session which touches upon various aspects of your life.
This session is currently being offered at
$ 80/-