(30 mins- only 2 other kundlis will be matched to your kundli in one session, you have to provide the details of those 2 kundlis at the time of your session itself)

$ 45/-

Astrology is an ancient Vedic science, that gives us a holistic picture about ourselves and our partners as well. We all wish for a partner, who encourages our dreams and mitigates our fears. We look for someone, whose presence makes us feel happier. However, most importantly we need a partner, who is there by our side through all the ups and downs we face together. It is crucial to spend our life with someone who understands us, who we understand and whose ideology is not opposite to ours, in a problematic way.

It is a wonderful thing to celebrate or acknowledge our differences as partners. It is another thing to be totally incompatible, where one has constant clashes or no feelings for their partner at all. Certain kundlis/natal charts despite being individually good, may not be well-suited for each other. Along with physical, mental and emotional incompatibility, there could be a range of issues such as financial struggles, difficulties in child-birth and even health problems, if the two kundlis do not support each other’s destiny.

Therefore, match-making becomes extremely important, wherein lots of different aspects in the kundli are analysed. Attraction and enjoyment can be temporary but making a love story last till the end, requires compatibility and constant commitment. We ascertain the kind of person who can sync well with you and align with your life, in the long run. This ensures a higher probability of being in a good and stable relationship, which grows stronger with time.